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Cold-Pressed Juice

We cold-press three signature juices each week using high quality, fresh, organic produce. 

Each bottle contains 13.5 oz of juice. 

RISING SUN - Fuji & Granny Smith apples, lemon, fresh Hawaiian turmeric

GREEN GODDESS - kale, celery, Granny Smith apple, lime, lemon

CARROT KING - carrot, Fuji apple, ginger, lemon

GRASS HOPPER - kale, celery, cucumber, lime

BEATING HEART - beet, Fuji apple, lime, mint


WARNING: This product is not pasteurized and, therefore may contain harmful bacteria that can cause serious illness in children, the elderly, and persons with weakened immune systems.

Our Customers Say...

“I love vegetables and so does my body. But especially during the pandemic, it’s been difficult to always have fresh produce on hand. These juices have been a delicious way to maintain a veggie rich diet.”


"I love having fresh juice delivered to my doorstep every week. I like the variations with different ingredients and enjoy how the varieties change. Drinking Oolong Bar juice has become part of my morning routine."


"If you know how serious Josh and his team are about tea, it’s no wonder that they bring the same expertise, attention to detail, and incredibly fresh, high quality ingredients to their juice program. I drink one of their juices everyday now and, when I do, it’s a nice lil’ pick-me-up that makes me feel healthier and happier!"


How to Order

Order online for pick up or free delivery here

Text "Juice" to 541-357-5492 to learn more about weekly delivery to your home or business. Pre-order by Wednesday for Thursday delivery or pick up. 

PRICE: $42 for 6 juices (includes a $6 bulk discount when you order a full six-pack). 

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