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Boo Cha

Boo Cha, our kombucha line, is made in single batches using high quality, organic tea from J-Tea. With no artificial flavorings, preservatives, or added sugar the flavor of the tea shines in each bottle. 


WHITE PEONY - refreshing, sweet, zesty

PUER - bold, flavorful, slightly sweet

GREEN OOLONG - crisp, bright, aromatic

DARJEELING - bold, rich, flavor explosion

The Legend of Boo


Tainan, Taiwan (2001)

The road home cut through a cemetery, Late one evening, my motorcycle headlight illuminated a puppy, curled in a ball on the side of the road. He turned, half-heartedly, to run away. 

Then, he looked back and our story began. Boo would join me for one of life's greatest adventures. Together, we traversed Taiwan's famous tea mountains. His nose led the way and a bond as old as time was formed.


Boo traveled from his home in Tainan to Eugene, Oregon when J-Tea was born. Until the summer of 2017, he explored new terrain in the Pacific Northwest. His legend lives on Boo Cha. 

- Josh Chamberlain, Founder, J-TEA


Where to Find Boo Cha
Friendly Street Market
Sundance Natural Foods
Morning Glory Cafe
16 Tons
Party Market & Wine
Oregon Wine Lab
Hey Neighbor Pizza
Tailored Coffee
On Tap at: Broadway Metro and Friendly Fruit & Vine Cart


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