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About Oolong Bar

J-Tea International brings you "Oolong Bar", your locally owned and operated specialty tea bar in Eugene, Oregon's South University neighborhood. Just a block from the University of Oregon, Oolong Bar features an extensive menu of delightful & delicious tea beverages, loose-leaf teas, boba, kombucha, coffee and espresso drinks, and cold-pressed juice. 

Oolong Bar sets the bar with mixology, method and magic. Inspired by Taiwanese tea culture and Pacific Northwest food culture, we source the best tea and ingredients we can find to craft high quality and creative drinks.


Josh Chamberlain is J-Tea's resident Tea Master and owner of both Oolong Bar and J-Tea's Friendly neighborhood Tea House. Josh spent six years living in Taiwan, where he immersed himself in traditional tea culture. You might find Josh at Oolong Bar on any given day and get caught up in his passion for enjoying great tea!

From the People

Ashley K. -


“It's dangerous that I love so close. Great atmosphere, wonderful design and interior-- extraordinary staff! And their tea; is divine.”

Yul M. -


The incredible tastes of superior tea blends perfectly prepared are what makes this charming tearoom so addictive. The tea master is friendly and knowledgeable, too. Perfect!

Jo A. -


I was there again today and shared a pot of mango rooibos tea. delightful!

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