Amazing Fall Drink Specials:

  1. Just What You Need… to get you through the season. Powerful antioxidants with fresh lemon and ginger paired with a green oolong or herbal base.

  2. Jammernaut… tea, russian style. Eugene Breakfast black tea with house made blackberry compote.

  3. T L C B D… local tulsi with local CBD. A cup of anti-stress!

  4. Calm Yo Self Tea Latte.... the name says it all. Chamomile, lavender, organic milk, and honey

  5. Pumpkin Spice Tea Latte… a drink for the ages, or at least the season. Bourbon Ceylon, spices, organic milk, and maple syrup

  6. Hot Thai Tea Latte… supercharged with loads of caffeine. House made Thai tea, turmeric syrup, and steamed organic milk

  7. Lady Earl Latte… if you want to make it a Lounging Lady Earl, we can add CBD, this one can be made with caffeine or without. Earl, lavender, and milk.

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