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Authentically Oolong Bar

New table, plants, and surreal natural light... Photo by Layla Forét

I am trying to get to the heart of the matter here. Oolong Bar has become one of my favorite places. It started as a dream. It was my dream. It now holds a special place in my heart. Now with the new table and the way we rearranged the furniture there is more room to stretch out with your laptop and get some good work done. Its identity is solidifying as time goes on. And how unique and awesome it is becomes more clear to me all of the time. That is because there are so many great people working towards a common goal. Not to blow my own horn, and more to the point: Oolong Bar is special because it started by going in its own direction and it will continue to go in its own direction. It is in the process of more authentically becoming. It is becoming its own thing. It is different from other businesses.

I too do not really go here when it gets ultra crowded. I too know the pain of my favorite place becoming inaccessible. I was trying to create a space that can serve people well, even when we are really busy. In my mind, service is sacred. I really dislike bad service when I get it, and this in turn has me always thinking of how can service be done well. It is a tough nut to crack. Everyone has off days. Everyone has their own perspective.

What I really want people to know is that we will get you your drink no matter how busy we are. If you don’t want to wait in line, we don’t mind if you call your drink in. We will figure out a way to process your payment quickly if you call drinks in. But I also know that many people, me included, like our quiet environment for its place to work filled with plants and natural light. If it is wall-to-wall people in here, I don’t think I could get much work done here. But keep in mind, we are happy to ask people to move, so that we can create some space for you. On the flip side if one of our teatenders asks you to scoot over a seat or two, we hope you will be understanding and help us accommodate our VIPs.

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