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Berries for Oolong Bar

Today we had the pleasure of driving out to Groundwork Organics, an organic farm just north of Eugene where we found flats of organic strawberries and tayberries. Living in Eugene has its pros and cons, but being able to visit a place like Groundwork Organics is a plus for sure.

At the farm there is a farmstand that is open to the public. A visit is highly recommended. You can give them a call before you head out to see what they have on hand if you are looking for something specific. After spending so many weeks working in my own private garden, the scale of this farm feels immense. The amount of work required to pull off the scale of farming that they are doing seems insane. This is no one-man show. Even the coordination I suspect it would require to have all of the labor necessary is daunting. But being able to visit a farm like this and buy such amazing local produce is one of the things that I absolutely love about living in Eugene. They say, if you want to know why Eugene is one of the best places in the world, move away.

These berries will be melted down into compote that we will use to create some of the most amazing tea beverages in the world. You might think we are bragging, or you might think, everyone says this. And it is true. But I can tell you, not everyone sees their business as I see my business. The tea houses provide me with a living, and for this I am extremely grateful, but this venture is not about becoming a huge chain or getting rich. It is more about living the dream…It’s about a vision. We make our own rules. We have outrageous standards. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Want to pick your own and save a bundle of cash? Groundwork Organics will be offering U-Pick strawberries Thursday and Friday June 14 and 15 for $3.50/lb. So get out there and get yourself some strawbs!!!

Groundwork Organics is located at: 91360 River Road, Junction City, Oregon, 97448 and on the web at or by phone: (541) 654-4941. The farmstand is open Thursday - Sunday.

Local and fresh!!!

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