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Choose Yourself

Hibiscus Bubble Tea

Seth Godin says, "Choose yourself." I like this. Invest in yourself, rather than compare yourself. Choose yourself. Don’t wait to be chosen by someone else. Your chance will not come from another. It will only come from you. It comes from your willingness to do something to better yourself, again and again. It is the difficult path. It is the long road that leads into unknown territory.

The other thing he makes clear is that we don’t need any more great managers. The job of management is to reduce costs and increase productivity. Management is already done very well and we have enough of this. So he says that while we do not need better managers, we need better leaders. According to Seth, leadership is misunderstood in our culture. Leaders are often anonymous. No one is really certain who started bubble tea, despite several legal battles fighting for the right to claim authenticity. But now bubble tea is sold all over the world.

If managers are the brain, leaders are the heart. He says that in order to be a leader, you have to believe in something, and then get others to believe in it too. Simple, right? I struggle not to get caught up in the muck and the mire. Like my teacher in Taiwan says, all of that paperwork, all of those managerial duties, that stuff is easy. Let’s sit down and continue with our journey of the heart. He doesn’t say it quite like that and he is speaking in Chinese. But that is the main idea. The journey is about the vision. Because we know that getting there is not even close to half the fun, we have to focus on the journey. Vision is what guides the journey. So I tell myself, “Zoom out. The little nit-picky jobs are easy. Let’s think of some stuff that comes from deep within me and do that.”

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