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Eugene's premier source for Grey Poupon

How did Oolong Bar become Eugene's premier source for Grey Poupon mustard?

Our love affair with Grey Poupon goes beyond the fact that it's a dijon mustard made with white wine since 1777. It is a statement of higher quality, of elegance, and of sophistication. Nothing says I've made it like a bottle of squeeze-it Grey Poupon. If you need proof, look no further than the original Grey Poupon commercial from the 1980s: Imagine if that was you in the Rolls, and you were eating a three-course meal as your driver drives you through the countryside. How ridiculous is that? But many people these days are more familiar with Grey Poupon from the references made to it from hip hop culture. If you want to see just how popular Grey Poupon has become in hip hop, we recommend the following video:

Tabasko Sweet internviewing an visitor from another galaxy...

We also offer bottles of Tabasco sauce as a shout out to Tabasko Sweet and his show Cheap Thrills because we are inspired by his creative ingenuity and do-it-yourself nature. Here is one of from the Cheap Thrills collection that you don't want to miss:

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