Filter out what you don’t want or need. Do you guys have a good filter? A good filter is like a room you can go into. The room is comfortable, but it doesn’t necessarily allow you access to the outside world, but since you are the architect, you can move walls later. When you are in the room nothing can get in to bother you in any way. It’s like when you pull down the shades so you can be sure to sleep through the morning light. The filter makes it so I can stay at work even when I am not in the mood for working. Even when it is a beautiful day. Even when you are getting caught up in your own success. This is especially when you need your filter to function at its optimal level. The road to the top is narrow. So if we are headed up the mountain, keep your blinders on and keep it moving.

Unfiltered kombucha... by the growler!

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