Happy Father's Day

It's Father’s Day and I got to spend the day fishing with my boys. What a delight. I told my five year old, “You and your brother are the ones who make Father’s Day special for me.” I hope my boys get to experience a life as rich as mine, even if we haven't locked Scott Pruitt up yet. Utah officially recognized climate change, thanks to the help of some high school kids. Why is it that the children are the ones who bring about awareness? Regardless, there is an old saying in Chinese, “Only after being a father, do you know what it is to be a father.” Now, when people ask me if I have kids in a business setting, I know what they are talking about. It's almost like asking, “How much skin do you have in the game?” or “How committed are you?” You know you could have the most batshit idea in the world and as long as people really believe that you are willing to go to bat for it, they will stand behind you and cheer.

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