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It's not supposed to be comfortable

lavender makes everything dreamy...

That pain you feel. It is pretty much normal. It seems that there is always a certain degree of discomfort. And when there is discomfort, and I always hope there is, at the end of the day, I can truly rest. This means I am done getting myself to do the things that I needed to do. A leaf, a pot, hot water. I hope everything falls into place. Take a breath and summon a mantra (I hope everything will fall into place) and keep going. Resting is so important. It took me so long to know that good rest means good work, good work means good rest, and going for a hike or getting some cardio in the mix will do you a world of good.

I remember why I was so scared to hand over all of the jobs that I created. Honestly it was because I was somehow scared of becoming overly dependent on the other person to the point that I myself wouldn’t know how to do the job if I had to. Then it took me a while to realize that I never have to, first of all, I get to. To serve a great drink is a privilege and an honor. Too cheesy? But to some degree this is true in that we know what it is, after all it was our hard work that made it happen. So second, even though historically this is a very rare event, if it does happen, we’ve done our best to create an awesome system that I can rely on. And if not that, it gives us a chance to improve the system. Our system, which is our ecosystem, the system that makes the best tea drinks.

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