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Kung Fu Tea

Catechin molecule taken from Wikipidia

I was told that I really am doing Kung Fu when I am shaking up what we call “The Emerald” iced tea. The Emerald is our best selling green tea. Technically, it is a green oolong. What does that mean? In this case it means that it’s similar in flavor to a green tea, but just a little bit creamy, slightly sweet (naturally), and slightly floral. The floral aspect is also natural and not overpowering, subtle even.

Health wise it has all of that green tea punch. We also know that green oolong provides us with tons of catechins. A catechin is a flavonol which is a phenol and natural antioxidant. Bottomline, it is a delicious, healthy beverage.

To make this tea we brew the tea fresh and then we shake it. This oxygenates the tea, creating the epitome of freshness. The flavor of this fresh tea is so refreshing and so good! My shaking is where the Kung Fu comes in. I take a wide stance, drop my butt, and tuck my tail bone. I relax my upper body and grab the ground with my toes. Checking to make sure that my Mula Bandha is engaged, and my upper body is relaxed, I can shake without risk of injury. Like my Kung Fu teacher in Taiwan used to say, “Chu shuo yao kuai.” It means: “Your hands should shoot out fast.” Frosty and frothy, just the way we like it...

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