Live from the Oregon Country Fair

Time's gone by. I am not the young man I used to be. It's important to get out on the water. To be on the water with my boys. The only thing on my mind is Country Fair. There is a special event in Oregon every summer called the Oregon Country Fair. I just got back from our second year of operating the tea cart at Fair. It was hot! It was hard! It was fun! I've never had so much fun working so hard. My favorite part of it all was the working together as a team. I really liked to see the three team members working together in unison and having fun. In all, we were a ten person crew. We, at times, were like a well oiled machine. As we churned, iced tea frothed forth from the inner engine of the tea cart. And people were served ice cold frosty frothy iced tea...Colder than cold, refreshing and with a caffeine punch. Next year will be the fiftieth anniversary, so it promises to be a great celebration. And somehow the magic of fair is that even though it is hard to pull off selling iced tea in the woods for three days, it somehow manages to fill my battery. The good vibes are contagious and the Aloha spirit is truly alive at Fair!

Brewing tea can help me collect my thoughts. Collecting my thoughts is sometimes the best thing I can do. Once they are all collected, I am me again. Me and my jar of thoughts. I've just got to get them out instead of letting them jingle jangle around in my head like a tambourine man. Not enough sleep, too much work, too much heat. Climate change is a bummer because as temperatures rise, people become less amenable or amiable or both.

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