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Oolong Bar Holiday News

We have great news!

Frederick's Lost Arm tea beer

Oolong Bar has applied to be able to sell packaged alcohol. We are looking to carry specific wines that have the characteristics of tea -- in a good way. A few nights ago, I was sipping on some Beaujolais, at the recommendation of a knowledgeable wine vendor. The one I was drinking had some clear green tea floral notes and astringency.

The idea of adding wine to our offerings is to explore the idea of terroir, a plant based expression of existence. We also plan to offer some super fun sake traditional offerings.

There is also a possibility of bottle conditioned cider. And finally, tea beer. If you had the Oakshire/16 Tons/J-Tea collaboration “Frederick’s Lost Arm” in 2012 - this is what we will be able to create. Stay tuned for updates on this venture. We will let you know as the events unfold!

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