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Oolong Bar is...

We’ve intentionally created a range of creative experiences packed in a punch of a drink. There is nothing more satisfying than breaking a barrier. I am talking about learning how to do something in a way that is special. It’s special for many reasons. It means something to us and there is a reason behind it. The ingredients of the highest quality. Importantly, how difficult it was to learn how to do it.

Let me make a list of our most awesome products that we produce in house for your enjoyment. These products are not in a particular order:

  1. the boba we make

  2. cold pressed juice

  3. Boo Cha

  4. the cast and crew tea latte

  5. selection of loose leaf teas

  6. J-Treats

  7. tea plants…

Dang, we have a great list! No wonder some of you choose to support our business. And we are forever grateful!

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