Save the World!!!

Summer Solstice June 21, 2018

We can be living the best moment and still feel like we are missing out. We are people. We don’t always feel like doing what we’re doing in the moment. But I think it is true that the relationship with technology in the form of social media is detrimental. Specifically, this feels true in terms of being happy with what we’re interested in, actually doing, and our own accomplishments. What is it that draws us to delve into scrolling through our feed? My big excuse is that it helps me stay informed. But I have to call B.S. on that. If I really want to be informed, I can just read a book and write my own stuff and work on the next episode of “The Inner Tea Room.” We scroll feeds to see what others are doing, and this inevitably takes our attention away from input and investment in ourselves. It is super addictive because I can hear my rational brain trying its best to explain when it is a good time to do it, like when I am drinking by myself. But that sounds awful, so I am pretty sure that no time is a good time to scroll through my feed.

And the news these days, holy shit! It’s like each day, there is another cause that is worthy enough to lay the old tea pot down and get to work saving the world. Although I don’t necessarily think I could make a better contribution than providing a space and the nourishing sustenance that is Oolong Bar drink menu and tea and teaware available at J-TEA. I tried to get a good score on the LSAT and that didn’t go so well, despite a concentrated effort. I was raised by psychologists, so I had a slight disdain for a career in mental health. I intended to become a teacher, until I realized I didn’t have much to teach. And then later, when I actually did teach, I learned I was missing a must-have trait of a successful teacher, and that was patience and a coddling nature. What I am trying to say is that I used to like driving a cab, but now I like trying to figure out my path in the tea world as a tea shop owner. Tea is transformative, so my product does most of the heavy lifting.

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