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So Many Jobs, So Little Time

We are still in the process of trying new things. I just cold infused some three year old organic Hojicha that I got a sample of from our Eugene Sister City, Kakegawa. The flavor is a wonderful surprise. Super refreshing! After adding a little sugar, it tastes like toasted sea candies.

I recently watched a video because I was looking at my FB feed. It was in the morning, but still yes, a complete waste of time that I can never have back. It was some career advice from none other than Gary V. This dude was asking him what he should do with his life career wise. His advice was simple, but it had some good solid points. The first was that you should decide what you need to live and set your budget. Basically, how poor can you be and still be ok? Then you get a minimum wage job, if it fits your budget, that exposes you to something completely different. You don’t even have to know if you are interested in it because that job will allow you to see all of the other jobs that interact with it. You will be exposed to jobs that you didn’t even know existed.

Looking back, this was my favorite part of my early career path: knowing that I had no idea what I would end up doing, but knowing that I would find it. This knowing came from observing all of the possibilities that I could. For example, I was a server in a Chinese restaurant in Uptown Seattle. Shout out to Uptown China for giving me a chance!

This career advice resonated with me so strongly. I think I like to work. And I was always somewhat aware that I would work in an all consuming way. So it was really important to me that I find some work that I really would get pleasure from. I had no idea what it would end up doing. And in my 20s, that question of, “What do you do?” plagued me so. You already know how this story ends. I got in the tea business just before I turned 30.

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