Someday, I'll tell you a story...

One of my recent discoveries is that I truly enjoy being in the creative process. I am exhilarated by creating things like this blog. Opening the Oolong Bar, I was able to extend the limits of my creative ability. One of my fondest memories is creating the first handful of drinks on the menu. When the construction was complete and the dust had settled, it was time to get to work. I spent a few days just working in the kitchen, creating some stuff that I’d never made before. I was cooking up our pearls, jellies, and fruit compotes. I’d built up a good amount of what would be the ingredients in our signature drinks. Layla and I were working, and I said, “Let’s make some drinks.” All of the ingredients were made and all we had to do was mix and match. We came up with six amazing tea drink creations in that first session.

I’d say that every drink on the Oolong Bar menu came out of the lab in Oolong Bar’s drink generation creative workshop, which is something entirely made up. But it is also coming from a long, long time ago in a land far away. It all started when I was living in Taiwan. Taiwan’s tea drink scene is off the ringer. And there are the chains. There are the “Mom-and-pop’s.” There are young entrepreneurs trying to break through. I drank iced tea, shaken tea, milk tea, bubble tea--all of the different kinds. Then, after some time, I became more selective. Eventually I had to prioritize health. Health and flavor. If it is only health, then you can’t tell if it makes you live longer or it just seems like you are living longer. The few that stayed on my list were ones that usually had restaurants attached and the tea was always just a little bit, or even a lot better, than everyone else's. Someday, I will try to actually tell the story, but until then….

Well, I might as well just tell you. It took me years to learn what I know about tea. And I can tell you that I know practically nothing. Part of the reason that I have to say this is because there are things that I know about tea, but I also know that I will not be able to communicate those things to you.

But the point is that our drinks are made in a specific way with all of the tea knowledge, infused if you will, into every drink we create. Except for the APP, just because it is so darn good. But that is the synergistic drink knowledge applied to our thirst for the best drink possible.

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