I’ve been convinced for the longest time that people, and when I say people I mean me, want success. The funny thing is that I want it, but I don’t have any idea what it means, because as soon as I get what it was that I thought I wanted, I either don’t want it anymore because now I know that having it is different from wanting it or if makes it feel empty because I have reached my goal. Having it requires something of me. Wanting it, I’m not only free, but I am filled with energy, or at least I have a reason to get out of bed. I have a lot of reasons and I am very lucky, but it hasn’t always been this way and the mind is a very powerful force and it seems to be able to work against us, especially when our goal is to thrive rather than just get by. Especially when you are ready to fly, the mind will be the first one to tell you why you shouldn’t do it. The compelling case of why you are not capable will be presented and represented until you forget tuck your dreams in a sack and bury them.

I digress…who handles success well? Power corrupts even the best. People really just want to be people. Being a person. People have a hard time with that as well. You know when people have bad things, horrible things, that happen to them, but then later they say, “I wouldn’t change a thing, or else I wouldn’t be the person that I am today.” I love it when people love themselves. Believe it or not, loving yourself is a generous act. Not selfish, no matter what others may tell you.

Love yourself no matter the backlash. Loving yourself is sort of like combing your feathers, getting ready to fly. Success is what we are taught to go for and success is taught so wrong. In the words of Dead Prez, “Would you rather have a Lexus or justice, a dream or some substance? A Beamer, a necklace, or freedom?” Short term rewards make it so we are using the wrong metric to measure our success. It’s not about likes and it’s not even about how much money we make. That is the hard one, because when I look around, everything, even the quality of life for the ones I care about has a price tag. And so much of the feeling of success is the ability to sit at the table. If we are denied a seat at the table, we have to make our own table. We have to live by our own rules. We can make a better table with better food and drink and invite others to sit.

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