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Tea is magical. We can sip tea for hours on end. Friends can sit together for hours on end drinking tea, sharing ideas, and waiting for the next inspiration to bubble to the surface. This isn't possible with coffee in that coffee is too powerful. Drinking coffee for hours on end will not do me any good.

I do love coffee for its ability to deliver butter. Isn't butter grand? I love the way that it leaves the brain feeling nourished. With two little kids, nothing seems as effective as coffee. Thinking about it even makes me want a little bit of coffee. The stuff is so good. Does this make me a horrible tea salesman? Maybe. But I can sell you coffee too. We sell my favorite Equiano fresh roasted coffee by the gram for $0.04 per gram which comes to $18.16/lb. We don't have bags and we should probably get those. In the meantime, bring your own container. It’s a great price for coffee of this caliber. We love you Eugene. All of you!

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