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Tea Setting

Tea and setting, tea and environment. If you get a thermos that you dedicate only to hot water, you can fill it with boiling water, pack up your tea ware, and now you are ready to make tea in the woods, tea in the park, tea by the river, or tea on top of the butte.

We might not be able to go out in the woods and make tea every day, and we might not be able to have a teahouse designed by Ben Waechter, but we can start with the table. You see, tea and the feeling that tea generates is influenced by the setting. This is why some of the teahouses in Taiwan are so profound. The wood-framed buildings that were built hundreds of years ago from wood that is 400 years old exudes a feeling that is so quiet, so subtle yet so powerful. The calming contemplative energy can penetrate even the most weary of heart.

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