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Tea Table

This ancient table is more than 150 years old...

I’ve sat at this table so many times. Now I like to sit in the seat directly under the spider plant. I like to look up as I type to get better at typing. But I also like to look at the spider plant and think about it cleaning all of the air around me. I also really like the seats next to the wall of the new table. But this one is particularly nostalgic. I have sat at this table drinking tea for so many years. This is the table that became my tea table in Taiwan. In the living room, one of the coolest rooms of the house. This table was the center of my tea classroom. The tea classroom where I learned the most about tea. So I feel that this table brings me back. It takes me to the learning mindset. It takes me to the Ah-ha moment. It reminds me of the intense enthusiastic energy coupled with comfort, that is so much the feeling of tea.

Teachers clued me in. Teachers reminded me of the power of feeling. They reminded my that the process of experiencing a feeling, especially a feeling that is comfortable, nourishing, calming, is a feeling that can be paid attention to because it is a real feeling and it’s yours. Good tea made well generates this kind of feeling. Tea high is a real thing. And there is a reason to be there. We are living and loving in this tea high moment. Why is it so simple that it often gets overlooked. The experience that tea gives us and the feeling that it generates is easy to discount or write off.

You know, no one, no matter how good they are, is right all of the time. It is ok to be wrong. I see so many people steering away from wrong as if they are scared of it or it is the last place they want to be. So much so that they stop themselves from going into unchartered territory. You know the saying, “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” Trying new things, and committing to seeing what is underneath. What’s the point? I’m really not sure. I will say that time is going by. It is my experience that being lost in the moment is the best place to be. What do you say? A nice dose of caffeine and L-Theanine always seems to shift my state of mind to be content. How do I know when I am content? It is like when I have really low expectations and I am pleasantly surprised when they are exceeded.

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