Tea, the Healing of a Nation

Oolong Bar Chai, deconstructed

It is fun to see how everything changes. The only thing constant is change. Sometimes change is painful, but I’d rather focus on change for the better. Like how everyone used to serve Oregon Chai. But now unsweetened chais are all the rage.

Even when our current president was elected, I was kind of optimistic. People are going to actually have to become heroes and leaders rather than just voicing opinions on FB. Now the new normal is pretty bad. But that just means that every bit that we do to improve anything is so important. It has motivated so many to take action. It motivated me to start my book. The working title is “Tea, the Healing of a Nation.”

Here is an excerpt:

One time I was practicing kung fu at the park with my teacher. We were doing some basics for a warm up. A passerby stopped to watch. “Do you start from qi?”

I was used to such interruptions, but was curious to hear my teachers opinion on the subject.

“Teacher, do we start from qi?”

“We start from basics,” he responded.

I like it! Simple, like kung fu itself. Simple in that, kung fu does not deviate from simplicity. But it might be complicated by the fact that you are not simple enough to have a high enough interest to put the necessary time in to learn it and make it yours. Simple people learn kung fu better than complicated people. If you want to become better at kung fu, make yourself more simple.

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